Backyard Oasis

Backyad Oasis

Students are heading back to school and the summer is quickly winding down. But, there is so much left to do! Check out these fun tips on how you can seize the remaining days of summer-- all from your backyard.

Backyard Glamping

Outdoor Comfort

Ditch the hard ground for something cozier - cover your tent floor with pillows and blankets or step it up with a big air mattress. The more padding the better!

Campire Fondue

The great outdoors meets gourmet. Gather around the firepit (whether it’s real or gas) and melt your favorite delicacies and serve alongside some fruits and veggies. Make it sweet or savory with cheese or chocolate!

Movie Night Under the Stars

Bask in the last days of summer by watching a movie under the stars. Make yourself comfortable and project a summer classic, just don’t forget the popcorn!

Spa Night

Turn your outdoor space into a spa with relaxing mud masks and body scrubs. Detox and exfoliate while safely soaking up some Vitamin D.

S'mores Galore

Three simple ingredients and an open fire--we know you know the recipe but here are some ideas on how to upgrade summer's most iconic treat.

Graham Crackers

There are very few snacks that are more classic than graham crackers. But, even a good classic can use a remix. Grab your favorite cookies-- whether homemade or store-bought and create the perfect exterior for your marshmallow treat. Feeling adventurous and craving savory? Try salted crackers.


Nothing makes a s’more a s’more like a toasted marshmallow. Take this classic treat up a notch with a chocolate marshmallow. Throw in your favorite fruits and maybe even add a dollop of ice cream and you have a perfect treat for a night under the stars.


Swap out your typical milk chocolate bar for something a bit more robust. Take your pick with an assortment of chocolate from peanut butter cups to mint chocolate. But, don’t stop there! Explore adding in caramel or white chocolate drizzle for the ultimate flavor boost. 

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